Thursday, December 30, 2010


It's really no surprise that my dreams were graced last night by my Mimi. You see, I went to bed thinking about the fact that today is her birthday. I was trying to come up with an appropriate way to commemorate the occasion that wouldn't focus on her absence, rather acknowledge her presence that I still embrace in my heart. I was pondering this as I drifted off to sleep.

At some point during the night, I found myself immersed in conversation with Mimi. She was even more beautiful than I'd ever seen her, if that is possible. She was exceedingly vibrant and very much full of life. She reached out, took my hand and gave it a loving squeeze. With green eyes sparkling and rosy cheeks glowing, she began speaking powerful insight into my life. As I listened intently, I recognized that everything she was saying I had heard before in different seasons of my life. The wisdom flowed without interruption from her heart to mine. Words of strength and of courage. Words of comfort and of compassion. Words of hope and of affirmation. All words of truth that surpassed my thinking and came to rest deep within my spirit.

The words she spoke were not just broad generalizations. They were well measured and specific to my life. They were not just what I wanted to hear; they were what I needed to hear. The words were heavily clad in truth and tempered with love. They were infused with deep wisdom. They brought an instant settling within my heart.

When she was finished, she leaned over and kissed my cheek. Then an embrace that was so real it woke me from my sleep. I went straight to my mirror, fully expecting to see the imprint of her lipstick on my cheek. This is a memory I will treasure forever.

It is customary to receive gifts on your birthday. However, today Mimi chose to bless me with this most treasured gift! I love you, my Mimi!

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