Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stars In My Eyes

Few things are as beautiful as the night sky adorned with it's brilliantly shining stars. It is simply breathtaking to gaze up into the wide expanse and behold such a lovely sight. Night after night, innumerable pulsating lights appear to hang effortlessly--faithfully fulfilling their purpose. At first glance, it seems that these celestial beacons have been randomly scattered upon the canvas of darkness. Yet further observation challenges this theory of indiscriminate origin. Slowly images emerge among the twinkling backdrop! First one, then another and another! My eyes can clearly see the outlines of noticeable objects! Over there, a bear! That way, a balancing scale! Straight above are two ladles, one slightly larger than the other! Is it merely my eyes playing tricks on me? Has my overactive imagination engaged itself? Is there truly a deliberate and systematic order to the placement of these tiny wonders? Or are they simply strewn haphazardly into the atmosphere, coming to rest in a chaotic heap? So much information for my whirling mind to consider and comprehend! I take a moment and turn away from the heavens, hoping to gather my senses and awaken my ability to reason. Looking down at my shadow on the ground, I prepare to resume my surveillance of the night sky; wondering what scene awaits my inquiring eye. I close my eyes and lift my face upward. My eyes flutter open, blinking repeatedly to restore focus. Wow! I stand amazed at the immense detail of the luminous mural that meets my meticulous gaze! Even more objects than before reveal themselves; this time with superb clarity! There is no way this was done by chance. This most definitely is not coincidental. If there ever was even a twinge of doubt in the depth of my being regarding the existence of a Creator, that voice has been silenced forever! For tonight I have witnessed first hand a magnificent masterpiece---divinely designed by the hand of God!

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands." Psalm 19:1


  1. My daughter and I have often walked and observed the beauty in God's nature. I appreciate your posting.

  2. Shelley,
    I found you with ease this am and now I am sitting here with pride and joy that your friend nudged you in this direction. Your writings and poetry are unique to you and special to me. I see the relationship...just kidding! Stretch you wings and ready your fingers to reveal the inner voice that we knew was in there and sometimes don't see. Distance has a way of keeping us closed off to one another, but with this avenue of expression, we are like being at home again. It made me feel like we are cut from the same cloth. This is a good thing, keep up the good work and thanks for helping this old dog. I will have to play with this new form of technology to get my sea legs, but as time allows, I will step out of my box and try it. Please keep me informed about the writing workshop...I would love to be part of it and spend time with you. Loving your talents, loving you....Aunt Martha