Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Morning's Repose

My eyes awaken to the soft glow of sunshine
gently filtering through a light, misty haze.
Birds seem to whisper their greeting this morn
instead of the usual loud clamor they raise.
A calm quiet greets me as I step beyond the door
to an absence of traffic and neighbors and noise.
Like a blank canvas, a day fresh and undisturbed,
alive with the possibility of yet discovered joys.
With great wonder I consider
where my path will lead today.
In the stillness of the moment
I yield my heart to pray.
I lift my voice in praise to Him
for the blessings I have known,
And offer my thanksgiving
for His grace and mercy shown.
I bring the plans that I have made
and lay them at His feet.
For He alone knows what it takes
to make my life complete.
I will travel His path
my progress unhindered,
When I give Him my life
fully surrendered.
As I arise from the place
where I had paused to pray,
The haze lifts . . . the birds resound
Now I am ready to embrace this day!

1 comment:

  1. You have such a poetic quality to your writing. Very nice.